“The Work of Many Hands”

It needs a group of committed people working to a common goal, to make a typical Adult Education Institute into a Regional Competence Centre, without forgetting or renouncing its roots: making an active contribution to shaping the future of a whole region. The Regional Centre of Competence of the County of Regen is the work of many hands.A wealth of ideas, application and knowledge ensures that we,as partners of the people, institutions and business, continuously work to serve the progressive development of the region.

  • Regional but connected to international society
  • Competent and confident in changing situations
  • Tolerant and with ambitious goals
  • Taking responsibility, within a team
  • Flexible and respecting our roots
  • Combining hospitality and competition
  • Standing up for the right to education

For lasting and innovative development, the Regional Centre of Competence in the County of Regen is the place to go.

I warmly invite you to get to know us.

Herbert Unnasch

Volkshochschule für den Landkreis Regen