Train for Europe

Education at the Regional Centre of Competence in the County of Regen is European. We are committed to the concept of Life Long Learning (LLL) which the European Union has adopted as the title for its education programme. Anyone who wants to meet his neighbours with openness and tolerance, who wants to survive international competition, must not only continuously update his technical skills but also look to his own personal development.
The Regional Centre of Competence offers support for European integration. With the close proximity of the Czech Republic, we place particular emphasis on cross border cooperation projects. We not only have an extensive network of national and international contacts and partnerships with educators in the whole of Europe, we also make use of a number of current European educational programmes.


This programme supports international cooperation in vocational training. The Regional Centre of Competence organises international study trips and also hosts teachers and students from the whole of Europe for exchanges of information and experiences or for internships.


The programme for advancement of life long learning in adult education supports international networking of teachers in the European Union and makes a significant contribution to European integration.
We participate by

  • inviting participation in European seminars in the county,
  • developing learning partnerships with educators in the whole of Europe.


This programme encourages territorial cooperation in Europe
(cross- border, transnational and inter-regional).