Education for all:

Enjoyment in learning and widening horizons
“Lifelong learning is the key to achieving social integration and equality of opportunity“
European Parliament

Anyone who wants to improve themselves and not stand still, an rely on the experience and flair of a lively team in the ounty of Regen: In the best tradition of education and tolerance, he Adult Education Institute is open to all – regardless of education, social class, social background, politics and religion.
The objective of the vhs is to support adults to lead the life of their choice, taking responsibility and involved in society.

vhs classic: Origin and centre f continuous development

It is up to you what you make of it – this sentence is entirely appropriate for the Adult Education Institute of the County of Regen: The idea of adult education not only has strong and living roots here: the Regional Centre of Competence also as its origin and a central place in the Institute.

Well thought out and forward looking.

The vhs is...
familiar but always new:

A consistent concept across Bavaria, education programmes which are accredited and right up-to-date.
with courses in all areas of the county to give complete coverage with adult education.
classrooms, technical equipment and teaching methods - the vhs is in the forefront in all of them.
based on quality:
Approx. 200 teachers are highly competent and committed. There is a special training for them to ensure that they are fit for duty at the vhs.
flexible and people oriented:
mornings or evenings, weekdays or weekends - the courses are at times to suit the participants.

Varied and comprehensive.The courses of the vhs are divided as follows

Social Studies:
Law, Finance, Teaching, Psychology, Communications, Study Trips, Nature and Environment, Cookery
Exam Preparation, Touch Typing, Bookkeeping, Key Qualifications, Communications, Vocational Qualification Courses
German as a Foreign Language, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech are the basic languages offered, together with less widely used languages such as Russian, Arabic etc. nd English Playtime (English for children in nursery and primary schools)
Relaxation, Fitness Gymnastics, Massage, First Aid, Healthy Nutrition, Illnesses, Special Complaints, Cosmetics
Seasonal Decorations, Crafts, Painting and Drawing, Music and Dancing
Project work